Aims and Scope

QASS, by disseminating research findings and stimulating debate, aims to promote the mutual enrichment of different disciplines and approaches. Each class of scientists has its own ideologies, models of thinking and methodologies. QASS, by publishing articles that will be widely read and cited, aims to stimulate interaction among various research groups. 

Mere facts do not lead to understanding; only analysis can do so. Particular emphasis is given to both the ‘qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’ aspects of analysis. Although innovative articles from scholars may analyse complex or technical issues, their analysis and conclusions will be accessible to a wide audience.

QASS will publish original research papers in the areas of economics, finance and econometrics. The journal will be open to contributions from mathematics and statistics.

You are encouraged to submit papers in all areas of economics, theoretical, empirical and policy-orientated. There is no single theme. We will accept articles on topics ranging from macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, financial economics, political economy and others.

Original contributions may address any aspect of finance theory and practice. The main subjects include but are not limited to: corporate finance, mathematical finance, capital markets, financial engineering and risk management.

The editors would certainly like to encourage econometricians and statisticians to consider their journal as a possible outlet for good quality publishable material on various areas of econometrics. Innovative contributions of high technical standards will be included.